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Coach Rachel Coleman - Former Division I Coach - teaching our student-athletes proper mechanics while strengthening their mental game leading to improved game performance.

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Rachel Coleman is a former DI pitcher and HS State Champion who's focus is teaching proper mechanics, spin, and speed. Rachel's teaches each pitcher differently in order to get the best out of each pitcher!

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Coach Rachel Coleman studied slapping with one of the best slapping coaches in the country - Karen Weekly (University of Tennessee - NFCA Hall of Fame). She worked Tennessee's Speed & Slapping Camps for 3 years and is teaching the same mechanics in the North East!

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Coach Rachel teaches hitting techniques that fits each individual swing. Not every athlete has the same style/mechanics and it is important to fit the athletes needs first!! 

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 - LIVE Pitching
 - Rapsodo Evaluation

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When Rachel was not pitching, she was playing defense! Rachel played anywhere on the infield and she loves teaching the proper fielding mechanics as well as diving!!

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Team Instruction

Coach Rachel works with teams up and down the East Coast teaching proper mechanics while emphasizing confidence & straightening their mental game. She works with the coaching staff to construct a meaningful practice that will emphasize the players needs. She loves to incorporate the coaches, players and parents into her instruction because she understands it takes a TEAM effort to make the student-athletes the best the can possibly be!

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As a former DI Coach, Rachel is passionate about the recruiting process and wants to educate families on how the process works and what they should be doing as a family month by month to help them through this process! Sign up for your Online Monthly Recruiting Lesson Now!!

To bring Rachel for a recruiting seminar, please email [email protected]

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