Training Aids

View Coach Rachel's favorite training aids to help student-athletes take their game to the next level!

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Helps pitchers feel the ball in their fingertips creating more spin and speed!

Power Pod

Use it to help you push off or profect your rise ball spin!

14 Inch Ball

The 14 inch ball helps with snap and spin!


Helps student-athletes feel the ball in their finger tips and generate more spin!

Weighted Ball Set

Weighted Balls + an 8 week speed workout that WORKS! 


Use them while pitching to lean how to drive off the mound or use them to stretch out after a workout!

Indoor Pitching Mound

Use it for pitching OR hitting so you are not slipping during your indoor workouts!

Pitching Xelerator

Speed up your arm speed and create more "whip" with the Xelerator

Cannon Ball

Weighted Ball that you can use for wrist snaps or put at the end of a long sock for arm speed/whip!

Power Drive 

Learn how to drive off the mound properly! 

Velopro Softball Training

Pitching/Hitting bands that create more power!

Pocket Radar

Measure pitch speed or exit velocity off of the bat!! Use the same device that college coaches use!

Insider Bat

Teach any student at any age how to hit properly!

Heavy Swing, Heavy Bat

Weighted Bat in the knob of the bat!

K-Bands for Pitching

Helps with leg drive and not leaving the back leg behind!

Training Glove

Flat glove to help with transitions and ground balls 

Wooden Bat

Helps with Bat Speed

Camwood Bat

Helps with Bat Speed

Low Tee

Helps Kids Stay in their Legs


Work at home on your swing!


Work at home! Hit or Throw Into!

The BEST Indoor Softballs

Softie Softballs are for indoors but still have the hard softball feel.

12 Inch Softballs

11.75 Infield Glove

12 Inch Pitching Glove

12.5 Inch Outfield Glove

Metta Fastpitch Bat

Easton Ghost Bat